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//What is the Anki Cozmo Toy Robot?…

What is the Anki Cozmo Toy Robot?…

Cozmo is a highly intelligent toy robot with a mind of his own! This app-controlled toy with serious Artificial Intelligence boasts hundreds of emotions and bags of character. The Robot was Launched in late 2016 by Anki, also known for the futuristic racing robot Anki Overdrive, both toys found at the top most children’s Christmas list in recent years. Cozmo is compatible with all iOS or Android devices and is recommended for ages 8+

What Makes Cozmo Awesome…?

Cozmo recognises you – As soon as you power up Cozmo for the first time, you are asked to add your name into the app. He then scans your face and cleverly stores it using set numerical features, rest assured that no images are stored anywhere in the robot or on the Cozmo app. Here at Hexnub we put it to the test… As you can see from the images below, my Son interacting with Cozmo (his new best buddy) was happy to confirm Cozmo passed the test and recognised his name every time! But he doesn’t just recognise humans, oh no… he recognises cats and dogs too!

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Onboard Camera & night vision – Cozmo has 128 x 64-pixel screen displaying many different expressions, housing an impressive VGA 30fps camera. You see what Cozmo sees through the explorer mode section of the app which allows you to switch into night mode – we found this great for spying.

Cozmo evolves – Anki are always bringing out updates, not just for gameplay but also the way you interact with Cozmo. For the newest updates check Apple add Google Play. Does he need a tune-up? Do a diagnostic scan to figure out where he needs repairs. Is he bored? Challenge him to a game—and just try to beat him.

Cozmo’s Interactive Play  – Included with Cozmo are 3 cubes that house special sensors with built in LED’s. Cozmo interacts with the blocks and can surprisingly lift them above his head, WOW!… the power to weight ratio of this little robot is very impressive! However, all that work burns a lot of energy so be sure to feed Cozmo when he gets low. To feed Cozmo:

  1. Open the app and click the “feed” button
  2. Grab any one of his cubes with a circling blue light
  3. Shake the cube until all the LED lights are lit
  4. Place where Cozmo can see and he will do the rest.

Don’t forget from time to time Cozmo also needs a tune up. To do this you have to run a simple diagnostic check which notifies you of any repairs and follow the on-screen instructions. Cozmo has many other features including explorer mode where you can unlock new levels and evolve.

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Interactive Games:

Quick Tap – For this game you will need lightening quick reactions, the game is played by human and Cozmo. The Object of the game is to tap the cube as fast as you can before it stops changing colour. It is a true test of your reflexes and very fun. We think this game is best suited for younger children. Hexnub rating:  8/10

Ping Pong – To play Ping-Pong you need to set the cubes in a line, this makes up your table. Place Cozmo at the opposite end to you “lets play” says Cozmo as he hits the nearest cube, which in turn lights up the LED and sets of a chain reaction. When the cube nearest you illuminates return by tapping the cube. If either you or Cozmo miss, a red-light flashes to indicate a point scored. Hexnub rating 9/10

Memory match – Put your memory skills to the test! You need to follow the LED light on each power cube. Cozmo goes first, watch closely as you will need to repeat in order by tapping the correct block.  Hexnub rating 9.5/10

Peekaboo – To play this game: 1. go into your Cozmo app 2. Click upgrades then Sparks 3. Cozmo will look for you and say “peekaboo” 4. Start by covering your face, quickly remove your hands and say “peekaboo”, Cozmo should react and return the actions. Another great game for younger children.  Hexnub rating 7/10

Cozmo helps you learn code – Cozmo’s limits are endless with his ingenious AI capabilities. Code Lab is a mode within the app that enables access to Cozmo’s main functionalities. Allowing you to simply drag and drop a few blocks helping Cozmo learn new things, it’s as easy as that.  With a little creativity anyone can start using Code Lab. It’s not just a great educational tool, but great fun too! Some of the functions are as simple as moving Cozmo forward and backward, however the app hosts tons of fun programmable reactions such as; smiling, frowning, dancing, laughing and talking. Code Lab encourages young programmers and helps build a perfect foundation level of coding, as well as being one of the coolest robots out. One of the best things is Anki are continually adding Code Lab functions, so Cozmo can continuously be updated.

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Cozmo Accessories –

Anki Cozmo Trax-Pack by Hexnub

Here at Hexnub we are huge fans of app-controlled toys, so needless to say we love Cozmo. We hit the drawing board with ideas ranging from headgear to front fork attachments. We decided to create a wider more substantial set of treads in 3 vibrant colours: Red, Blue and Green. The new Trax-Pack multi-pack adds more fun and style to your Cozmo as well as more grip!

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Anki Cozmo Adventure bag – By Hexnub 

The Adventure bag nicely compact, stylish and practical. The shockproof padded inner lining safely holds your Anki Cozmo, Cubes, charger and accessories. The weatherproof bag also has a detachable divider to separate your contents and keep them secure, including one inside zipped pocket, that’s ideal for a smart phone. The bag has a small outer zipped pouch, ideal for smaller items like headphones with an adjustable padded strap means it fits all sizes and ages.

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