What We Do?

Hexnub enhances your robotic toys and gives them more ‘personality’ through hardware customization, allowing you to protect and customize your favorite smart toys

Hexnub creates the parts you need!

Meet The Co-Founders…

Olly is focused on technical tasks with a professional approach.

Before Co-founding Hexnub he worked for James Cameron as an Electronics Engineer building a one man submarine called the Deepsea Challenger.

Hugely interested in electronics and when it comes to robotics he’s a big kid at heart.

Studied Electronic Engineering in Oxford, with previous experience in Aerodynamic F1 Motorsports Testing.

Enjoys new challenges, a true entrepreneur.

Lee is driven by new ideas, with a hands-on approach. Specialist in prototyping and product development.

As a father of two, he is very happy to test new STEM based robots with his children and find out from the source what they like.

Studied Mechanical Engineering and computing in Oxford, previous experience in automotive aerodynamic modelling at Renault F1.

Enjoys running the Robotic Toys and STEM Education community on Facebook.

He’s a true creative thinker.

We Love Enhancing Robotic Toys in Performance and Style – Making Your Smart Toys Smarter

Over 200,000 Robots Have been Made Happier Since 2014 and counting!