What We Do?

Hexnub enhances your robotic toys and gives them more ‘personality’ through hardware customization, allowing you to protect and customize your favorite smart toys

Hexnub creates the parts you need!

We Love Enhancing Robotic Toys in Performance and Style – Making Your Smart Toys Smarter


Meet Our Awesome Team…

Olly Robinson

Olly Robinson Hexnub Co-founder

Olly is focused on technical tasks with a professional approach.

Before Co-founding Hexnub he worked for James Cameron as an Electronics Engineer building a one man submarine called the Deepsea Challenger.

Hugely interested in electronics and when it comes to robotics he’s a big kid at heart.

Studied Electronic Engineering in Oxford, with previous experience in Aerodynamic F1 Motorsports Testing.

Enjoys new challenges, a true entrepreneur.

Lee Williams

Lee Williams Hexnub Co-founder

Lee is driven by new ideas, with a hands-on approach. Specialist in prototyping and product development.

As a father of two, he is very happy to test new STEM based robots with his children and find out from the source what they like.

Studied Mechanical Engineering and computing in Oxford, previous experience in automotive aerodynamic modelling at Renault F1.

Enjoys running the Robotic Toys and STEM Education community on Facebook.

He’s a true creative thinker.

Kirsty Price

Kirsty Price Marketing Manager

Kirsty is a newcomer to the world of robotics but instantly fell in love with the charms of Cozmo and Vector.

Before joining Hexnub’s marketing team, Kirsty worked with major tech brands such as Amazon and Google, helping them connect with their followers on social media.

With a degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of Aberdeen, Kirsty is curious about the role robots may play in current affairs, as well as at home and in the classroom.

When not working on creative content for Hexnub, Kirsty can usually be found chasing her cat, Amber, with a Sphero ball!

Johno Ellison

Johno loves to find out how things work and to create solutions to mechanical problems.

With over ten years of experience as a Design Engineer specializing in Solidworks 3D CAD, he has worked on hundreds of diverse projects, from one-off 3D Printed parts to high-production injection-moulded items.

Studied Sustainable Product Design at Aston University and has worked both in industry and as a freelancer with clients from four continents.

Johno also enjoys travelling and holds two Guinness World Records for driving a London Black Cab for both the longest distance ever driven (43,000 miles) and the highest altitude ever reached by a taxi – at Everest Base Camp.

A hands-on problem solver with a practical can-do attitude.

Fae Narciso

Fae has been an avid tech fan for years — with a steady interest for gadgets such as drones, cameras, phones, and most recently, robotic toys.

With a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Digital Media, Fae has done multiple roles in the media industry such as marketing, sales, production, and photography. This, in turn, gave her the edge of being an all-around virtual assistant.

As a key member of Hexnub’s team, Fae gets to explore all the new innovations the tech world has to offer, and loves sharing it via social media for all to interact and enjoy.

Ashleigh Needham

Ashleigh is fascinated with all things tech, especially robotics.

With a background in education, she has plenty of experience with STEM education programs for students from the ages of 5 to 18+. This includes hands on experience with robotics in the classroom environment. But it was her personal interest in robotics that led to a career change in 2017.

Now, when she’s not writing great blog content, she’s tinkering with robotic projects and sharing code online. Ashleigh’s favourite programming languages include JavaScript and Python, although she does enjoy creating Arduino projects too.

Her favourite robots include Sphero BOLT, Anki Vector and Sparki by Arcbotics.