The Best Robotic Toys 2021

Robotic toys and STEM education are incredibly popular for both schools, and homes. After all, education begins at home, and you can never be too young (or too old) to be interested in robotics. As our technology develops, so too do the robot toys offered, and the very latest robots are filled with more tech than ever before. Cozmo, Sphero BOLT, and Vector are at the cutting edge of robotic toys and STEM education. In fact, we’re pretty sure that these three roboting musketeers will be at the top of many children’s wish lists this year. And while each robot might shine in their own light, there’s nothing better than being able to personalize your favorite robot. From covers, to accessories, we have everything you need, here at Hexnub, to make your robot unique! So, let’s meet the top 3 robot toys for 2021 and their accessories.


Although he was released in 2016, this little robot hasn’t been sitting still. In fact, ask any Cozmo owner and they’ll tell you that sitting still is not his strong point! Instead, this larger than life robotic character, Cozmo, has continued to grow and develop.  With regular software and app updates, this robot has learnt more tricks, games and skills, so he’s even more fun than before.

Cozmo has face recognition, so he can store and recall a number of faces, to give you a greeting each time he sees you! Adorable right! And with three programmable LED cubes, you can play games and interact together. Using the associated Cozmo app, you can even create Scratch based block programs to run on Cozmo, coding your own games, dance routines, or anything you can think of. For more experienced coders, the Cozmo SDK is available for creating Python programs to add even more to this little robot.

The best thing about Cozmo is his personality. With big expressive eyes, and his own little body language, you’ll find yourself drawn into the character of this smart robot. You can find out more about him here.

Cozmo comes in 3 color variations: Original Cozmo (Red/White) Collectors edition (metallic) and the latest Limited Edition (Blue/White)

Customize Cozmo with a LEGO compatible Lifting Kit

Speaking of character, why not help your Cozmo show off his personality with some accessories? Our multi-colored Trax-Pack are a great option, but what about a specially designed lifting kit to match?


Here at Hexnub, we have produced a top quality add on for any Cozmo. Easy to install, our lifting kit simply replaces Cozmo’s existing front attachment, with a lifting pad. And this is able to carry up to 40 grams! So why not switch Cozmo to discovery mode, and deliver small items around the home? Or better still, create a CodeLab program to do it for you!

Our Lifting Kit is also LEGO compatible, which means that interacting with Cozmo could become a whole lot more creative. From taking your favorite LEGO characters for spin, to creating CodeLab programs involving LEGO pieces and LEGO engineering challenges, the possibilities for Cozmo and LEGO combined, are almost endless.

Choose the perfect color combination to match your edition of Cozmo, and let’s get lifting!

Sphero BOLT

Transforming the world of robotic toys and STEM education, Sphero products have been used in classrooms, and at home, for many years now. In fact, they are one of the most popular and prevalent robotic toy creators. And the latest iteration, the Sphero BOLT, is certainly the most innovative. With an 8×8 programmable LED matrix, BOLT can offer endless coding opportunities for any level. From following a line drawn on the screen of your connected mobile device, to Scratch based block coding, all the way up to JavaScript, the Sphero BOLT is a robot that can engage young, creative minds, with any level of programming ability.

This creation also offers more in terms of sensors, than any other Sphero available. Sphero BOLT has light sensors, and a built in compass, which both make for fascinating additions to any programmable robot.

BOLT is also compatible with the Sphero play app, which means you can play games, and drive BOLT like a remote control car. This brings an added element of fun, to a robot that’s all about coding.

Check out our review, for a more in depth look at the Sphero BOLT, and all it’s capabilities.

Accessorize Sphero BOLT with a Lightening Cover

Why not personalize your Sphero BOLT with a specially designed Lightening Cover? Here at Hexnub, we’ve been creating top quality, durable covers for Sphero toys for years. And when BOLT was released, we got to work immediately. The end result? A stylish and practical cover that will protect Sphero, without blocking the view of matrix.

The Lightening Cover is designed to protect Sphero, and it absorbs shock. Which helps when you accidentally crash BOLT into the TV stand. The cover means no scrapes or scratches, so you can keep your Sphero BOLT in pristine condition.

In addition, the Lightening Cover also provides some much needed traction for the Sphero BOLT. With a super smooth surface, the BOLT can be almost too good for wooden or laminate floors. Which means navigating a maze, or completing an obstacle course can be a challenge. But with the Lightening Cover, you’ll find that BOLT has more speed, and you have more control over the movements.

BOLT’s defining feature, the LED matrix, is more than visible with any translucent Lightening Cover applied. In fact, the design of the cover allows the lights in the LED matrix to glow, really illuminating the robot ball. This is the same effect for any of the three available colors you might choose: black, clear or blue.


Vector is Cozmo’s big brother, so to speak. Although he’s a newer creation, the inventors at Anki have built on the pre-existing Cozmo platform to create a robot that is equally character filled, but more helpful. Vector is designed to be a helpful companion robot. So he’s there to take your picture, or set your timer, whenever you need him, but he’s a robot with personality too. Vector loves to greet his human friends, just like Cozmo, and he also loves to be petted. This makes Vector the cutest home assistant on the market. And the only one that can give you a fist bump!

With obstacle detection, and edge detection, Vector can navigate your desk space, avoid obstacles and play with his cube, without tumbling off the edge! That’s pretty smart. But being able to self charge? Well, that’s even smarter! Vector is packed with artificial intelligence, so he is essentially a robotic companion that can look after himself.

For a more detailed look at what Vector can do, take a look at our in depth review.

Personalize Vector with the Vector Trax-Pack

Since this robot’s release, owners have been looking for a way to change Vector’s dull black treads and personalize their robot companion. Unfortunately, while our Cozmo Trax-Pack do a fairly good job at this, they just don’t fit Vector properly. Essentially, the bigger brother simply has bigger feet! So here at Hexnub, we’ve been designing and creating custom possibilities for Vector. And we’ve come up with the something incredibly stylish, and practical.

Our Vector tracks are available in three colors; green, purple and blue. So you can choose the color that matches your Vector’s eyes, or a color that clashes! Either way the tracks are incredibly resilient and durable, so your Vector can traverse your desk, looking like the rockstar he really is!

The Vector treads also allows this artificially intelligent robot companion to move with increased traction. Smooth surfaces can leave Vector skidding and sliding, which could be a problem should he fall off the desk. So we have designed our treads with a hexagonal pattern, so that grip and traction can be improved. As a result, Vector can move faster, and with these treads, be more self assured, because of the increased grip and traction.

Top 3 Robot Toys for 2021 and their Accessories

Cozmo, BOLT, and Vector are the top 3 robot toys for 2021. Straight out of a sci-fi movie, these robots offer more than ever before, taking STEM learning and robotics in a new direction. The innovation behind this tech is sure to steal the hearts, and imaginations, of any purchaser. And the opportunity to personalize, and customize these robots with high quality accessories, is a great way to seal the deal. Our range of accessories for robot toys can help change the appearance of the robot, and the functionality. Improved traction, grip, and speed is the key to our Sphero BOLT Lightening Covers, and Vector’s Trax-Pack, while Cozmo’s Lifting Kit offers the chance to play and interact with Cozmo in a completely new and interesting way.

So for the ultimate selection of robot toy accessories, take a look at what we can offer, here at Hexnub.