AeroPress Accessories You Cannot Live Without

The AeroPress coffee maker presents an interesting and exciting twist on traditional coffee making devices. No electricity, no noise – just a simple, controlled process that allows you to produce beautiful, smooth coffee without the usual bitterness.

If you already own an AeroPress coffee maker, you will understand the simplicity of this device. Alternatively, if you are looking for a new product to elevate your love for coffee to new heights, the AeroPress is a suitable choice. You can also look at other manual coffee makers in our in-depth guide.

Whilst the AeroPress is a fantastic device on its own, you can improve its functionality with a range of amazing AeroPress accessories. From travel caps and elegant storage units to pouring attachments and filters – the list goes on.

If you take your coffee seriously, we have compiled a detailed list of AeroPress accessories you cannot live without:

Fellow Prismo – Pressure attachment for Espresso-style coffee

Fellow Prismo AeroPress Filter Attachment

Fellow Prismo

If you love the intense, but creamy taste of an espresso, consider using the Fellow Prismo pressure attachment. This AeroPress accessory is of great quality and screws tightly onto the bottom of your AeroPress coffee maker.

The pressure-actuated valve enables pressure to build-up to produce espresso coffee. Due to the quality of the no-drip seal and attachment, a fully immersive brew is possible. The device is simple to use and can be cleaned quickly.

In addition to these features, the valve has a small aperture; this means it can be used to create espresso in an accompanying shot glass. Whilst the AeroPress can be used to create espresso coffee, the Fellow Prismo attachment allows you to take this process to the next level.

Hexnub Organizer – Stylish storage for your AeroPress Coffee Maker

AeroPress Original Organizer by Hexnub

Hexnub Organizer

Instead of storing your AeroPress coffee maker in a drawer or cupboard, why not create an organized display for your kitchen with the Hexnub Organizer? This premium storage unit is crafted from bamboo and has all the compartments and sections you need to create a fully functioning AeroPress coffee station.

The Hexnub Organizer has easily wipeable dripper mats for spillage. It has storage space for your AeroPress coffee maker and accessories. This product is available with two mat colors – black or brown.

If you’re looking for something a little more compact why not check out the Compact Hexnub Organiser

Alternatively, you could consider a wall-mounted option like the RUSFOL space-saving organizer – this can be fixed to your kitchen wall to create a station for your AeroPress coffee maker that doesn’t use kitchen worktop space.

Altura Premium Mesh Filter – For improved taste and utility

Altura Metal Filter for AeroPress

Altura Premium Mesh Filter

The standard AeroPress paper filters are excellent quality. However, for ultimate taste, why not consider the Altura Premium Mesh FilterThis stainless steel filter is environmentally friendly, cost effective and has a small footprint.

This means it is fully washable and reusable. There is a lifetime guarantee on the product from the manufacturer.

Its slim design makes suitable for all AeroPress models regardless of their age. Also, the fine mesh filter allows all the useful oils and nutrients to imbibe your coffee, creating a brew that is bursting in flavor and goodness.

If you prefer paper filters and are environmentally conscious we recommend the 2POUR reusable paper filters, which are also suitable for vegans.

JavaPresse Coffee Grinder


Using fresh ground coffee beans is highly advised for seasoned coffee lovers. If you have a supply of coffee beans and want to use them with your AeroPress coffee maker, the JavaPresse is a very popular choice.

This adjustable manual coffee grinder has 18+ click settings and allows you to grind beans into a coarse, medium, or fine state.

The accessory is durable and has a quiet mechanism that is preferable to the noise of automated coffee bean grinders, which is ideal for early riser!

If you want to use coffee beans whilst traveling, a great compact option is the Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder. This product has a 20-gram capacity and is just 130mm tall – it can easily be stored in your luggage, rucksack or camping kit.

2POUR – Coffee for two?

2POUR dual press accessory

The AeroPress Coffee Maker is a handy device that is simple to use. However, when used directly with a cup, you can only brew one coffee simultaneously. This is why the 2POUR dual press accessory is a must-have product!

Successfully crowd funded on Kickstarter, this smart gadget that allows you to pour two cups of coffee from your AeroPress coffee maker at once. Simply attach the AeroPress to the top of the accessory. Then place two cups under the spouts – in no time at all you have two brewed cups of coffee waiting to be enjoyed.

The stylish design and functionality make this a great accessory – especially for couples, or if you regularly have friends over for coffee.

Puck Puck – The perfect cold-brewing accessory

Puck Puck

The AeroPress can also be used to create cold-drip coffee, which is perfect for iced coffee. The best way to do this is by using the Puck Puck accessory.

This is a simple plastic attachment that fixes onto your AeroPress Coffee Maker. Simply pour water into the opening and you can then sit back and watch the perfect cold brew coffee form.

There is a splash filter, and the device can be altered to change the drip speed enabling you to produce different extractions.

The Puck Puck attachment is small and lightweight – it can easily be used on the road. It takes up minimal space in your kitchen, or at your AeroPress coffee making station.

Hexnub AeroPress Protective Travel Case

Hexnub AeroPress protective travel case

If you want to take your AeroPress coffee maker with you on holiday, or on business trips, it can be difficult to transport the accessories and your coffee, etc. This is why the Hexnub AeroPress protective travel case is an ideal buy.

This durable case is made from shockproof EVA foam and water-resistant fabric. This means you can comfortably take it outdoors without risking damaging your coffee maker. It also has a durable handle so you can easily carry it.

Inside, there is a foam compartment that enables you to hold the AeroPress, thermal mug, metal tins, stirrer, scoop, and filters. The stainless-steel thermal mug is included, as are the storage tins for sugar and coffee. Why not travel in style and easily take your AeroPress with you on the road?

Abel Travel Cap – Essential accessory for coffee on-the-go

Abel Travel Cap

When traveling, how do you keep your coffee beans, filters, and other AeroPress accessories in one place? Simple – by using the Abel Travel Cap.

This neat device fits securely over the top of your AeroPress coffee maker. It firstly provides protection, but also creates a handy storage compartment. The tight seal will not come loose, and this allows you to keep your coffee or smaller accessories neat and organized.

Craft Coffee – Learn how to brew better coffee with this handy companion

A Manual: Brewing a Better Cup at Home

Maybe you feel that your brewing skills are lacking and you haven’t utilized your AeroPress to its full potential? If so, Craft Coffee: A Manual: Brewing a Better Cup at Home is a very useful book.

This handy guide has won numerous awards and offers a comprehensive look at using manual coffee makers like the AeroPress. It gives info and tips on different coffee flavors and ways to avoid common brewing mistakes. Any coffee aficionado must own a copy of this guide!

Another coffee brewing  book worth a mention is Brew: Better Coffee At Home by Brian W. Jones – bursting with practical advice for the avid coffee maker.

Brew: Better Coffee At Home

JavaJug2 – Serve coffee from your AeroPress with ease

JavaJug 2

The JavaJug is a stainless-steel holder that you can place your AeroPress coffee maker inside. It has a lid and allows you to serve coffee to a group of people without using the press on individual cups.

In addition to this, its durable, compact design makes it the perfect travel storage device so you can take your AeroPress with you on the road.

For additional insulation and protection we recommend adding the JavaJacket, which fits snugly over your JavaJug2. This insulting sleeve is available in six vibrant colors including camouflage and blue.

Create the ultimate AeroPress coffee maker kit

What are you waiting for? Make the most of your AeroPress coffee maker today and kit it out with these varied accessories.

If you plan on traveling and can’t live without the sublime taste of an AeroPress coffee, the travel cap, Porlex Mini Grinder, puck puck, and JavaPresse2 are accessories definitely worth considering.

Alternatively, maybe you want to create the perfect AeroPress coffee station at home? In which case, the JavaPresse coffee grinder, Hexnub Organizer, and Craft Coffee book are wise choices.

If you want to enhance your Aeropress experience, take a look at this useful guide that provides you with a detailed, step-by-step approach to achieving the ideal cup of coffee!



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