Top 3 Coffee Beans to Have a Delightful Morning Experience


  • You can’t escape coffee
  • #1 – The light-roasted Kenyan AA coffee
  • #2 – The medium-roasted Koa coffee from Hawaii
  • #3 – The dark roasted Sumatra Mandheling beans from Indonesia  
  • Miscellaneous: A guaranteed strong morning kick with Death Wish Coffee

You can’t escape coffee

Many people can’t pass an identity test until they’ve had their morning coffee. Whether it’s an espresso, cappuccino, latte, or any other variety, most Americans need coffee every day. No wonder one of its nicknames is “lifeblood”.

But if you’re getting a 9-ounce cup size and drinking no more than 3 cups a day, you don’t have to worry. You’re like any other average American coffee lover. And as a frequent drinker, you need to have the good stuff. 

The days of consuming instant coffee or over-roasted beans are over. The average consumer today sees coffee as an affordable luxury and since they usually drink their first cup at home, how can they get the most out of this morning experience? 

It all starts with choosing the right coffee bean for you.

#1 – The light-roasted Kenyan AA coffee

As one of the world’s top-notch coffee beans, Kenyan AA coffee emanates a floral aroma and a pleasant acidity taste with berry and citrus overtones. The “AA” refers to the biggest bean size which is approximately ¼ inch in diameter. In Kenya, the bigger the size the better they are.

These beans are cultivated on plateaus on high elevations, between 4900 feet and 6800 feet above sea level, and are surrounded by volcanic soils rich with nutrients. It’s an ideal environment for premium coffee.

Kenya’s coffee beans are among the finest in the world and it’s no wonder that their fourth largest export has consistently been coffee for decades, after tea, horticulture, and clothing. 

If you like bright fruit tones with a winy aftertaste; Volcanica should be your pick.

Volcanica coffee

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#2 – The medium-roasted Koa coffee from Hawaii

Considered the best coffee in America by Forbes magazine, these beans are cultivated on the slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai Volcanoes on the Big Island of Hawaii, 2.000 feet above sea level. 

Its medium body offers a smooth and delicate taste with low acidity. The lack of a bitter aftertaste encourages you to have one cup after another. However, it’s important to avoid buying “Kona blends” which might combine beans from other less-quality sources. 

If you want the original stuff, get it from the Koa Plantation in Captain Cook here, a family-run business that guarantees a first-rate taste.


Fresh Koa Coffee


#3 – The dark roasted Sumatra Mandheling beans from Indonesia  

This coffee was named after the ethnic group Mandheling who once farmed them in northern Sumatra. They’re grown at an altitude between 2400 feet and 4900 feet above sea level in a large area of vegetation of mostly coffee and pine. 

It is often described as having an earthy and herbal aroma with low acidity and hints of caramel. Its full body with a sweet finish makes it a delightful morning experience. 

As the fourth largest producer of coffee in the world, you’ll find many options for this bean, but you should consider getting them here. Although it’s a little expensive it will always have the freshest and best quality coffee beans in the market. 

Fresh roasted Sumatra Mandheling

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Miscellaneous: A guaranteed strong morning kick with Death Wish Coffee

If your goal is to become instantly energized this is what you’d want to try.

Despite the wicked name, your life is not threatened by this product. Unless you drink more than one cup a day. This is because it’s considered the strongest coffee in the world. While a regular Starbucks coffee in a 12-ounce cup has an average of 260mg of caffeine, Death Wish’s tends to contain double the amount (520mg). This dark roast coffee is strong and bitter and it skyrockets your level of alertness. 

However, highly caffeinated coffees suit people that have already built a tolerance for caffeine so if you’re just starting your coffee experience or prefer a medium effect in your body, stick to the normal doses.

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