TechTidy Amazon® Fire TV Stick 1st Gen Remote Holder

Do you waste valuable time searching for your Amazon® Fire TV remote...

Meet the New Techtidy™ 1st generation Amazon® TV Holder by Hexnub. The remote holder is the only one of its kind that attaches to both vertical and horizontal surfaces, which makes it perfect for TV's, coffee tables, desks and shelves. Mount with tried and tested high quality strong 3M adhesive for a secure fixing. Fire TV remote not included.

  • High quality 3M adhesive allows you to attach to any horizontal or vertical surface – Ideal for the back of TV’s, under coffee tables, desks or shelves.
  • Compatible with 1st generation Amazon Fire TV stick remotes.
  • The TechTidy™ holder helps you keep your remote organized, secure and out of reach of toddler/babies.
  • Handy finger slot allows easy access in all positions
  • Amazon® Fire TV remote NOT included.


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