Hexnub Covers for Sphero® Ball, 2.0, SPRK® - School 6 Pack

Looking for a smarter way to keep your Robotic Sphero® Ball 2.0 or SPRK running smoothly indoors and out? The advanced Hexnub Sphero® Covers provide important protection and a textured grip that lets you explore places like never before! Our multipack of 6 include a blue, black, yellow, green, pink, and clear cover — our covers are compatible with all Sphero® editions including SPRK & SPRK+ and makes your innovative robotic ball even more fun and exciting!

Product Details:

  • Hexnub Sphero® 2.0 Ball Cover
  • High Quality Silicone Rubber
  • Improved Grip and Traction Over Terrain
  • Nubby Textured Surface
  • Multipack of 6 includes on of each colour: Blue, Black, Yellow, Green, Pink and Clear
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Added Sphero® Protection

Each silicone Sphero® cover features “nubby” ridges which help improve your robot’s ability to grip slick or bumpy surfaces. This lets you use it in more places and under more unique settings for extra fun and play!

The Sphero® is still a robotic machine, which means it needs protection over surfaces that could scratch or damage it. Our Hexnub cover provides important coverage around the entire robot, so you can better enjoy it at home or on the go without worrying about damage.

Crafted with weather-resistant, heavy-duty silicone, our Sphero® covers provide better protection against different surfaces both indoors and outdoors.The bold, vibrant color choices allow you to customize the look of your Sphero® ball, giving it even more personality and fun while it moves along!

Translucent material lets the LED light of Sphero® shine through, allowing you to calibrate Sphero® and play games with the Hexnub cover on.

Compatible with Sphero®, 2.0 and SPRK

Whats in the multi-pack: 6 X Hexnub Sphero covers

Recommended age 8+

 *Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Sphero® and Ollie® are trademarks of Sphero, Inc. dba Sphero®. All rights reserved. Hexnub Ltd has no endorsements with Sphero®

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