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//Oxgadgets Reviews Why Sphero® Covers Are a Must Have Accessory

Oxgadgets Reviews Why Sphero® Covers Are a Must Have Accessory

The beauty of running OxGadgets is the fact that not only do I come across great products, but also great people. I am an engineer and an entrepreneur, and meeting other like minded people is always a great high. In fact, that is what makes running OxGadgets.com worth running!

So when Lee and Olly from Hexnub wrote to me a few weeks ago about their Sphero Covers, and the fact that they were local, I asked if we could meet up. A product goes a lot further when you have met someone and know the design process and the face behind it. Just imagine if you could meet everybody who had designed your favourite products. You could talk to them, get inspiration from them, and yes, you could also challenge them about their design. They may go back to their desk and come back with something better, or hey, you may understand the logic behind how something works, or why it is that way.

So, what do Hexnub make? They make covers for the Sphero 2. Interestingly, soon after they came up with their design, even Sphero started producing covers. However, with Hexnub, you get a great quality product, at only a tenner!

So, who are the faces behind Hexnub? Hexnub consists of two engineers from a local F1 team, a mechanical and an electronics engineer, Lee and Olly. It goes without saying that F1 is probably the best set of engineering that makes it way to consumers, and Lee and Olly have promised to bring all that into their product.

The Sphero 2 is a great product, but it tends to struggle on rough surfaces, outdoors, and such like. The idea was to give the Sphero 2 a cover that gives it better traction, as well as protection. The product was designed over a period of four months, while maintaining their full time jobs at work.

Some of the advantages the Hexnub cover provides:
  • Increased traction and off road capability
  • Add protection to Sphero
  • Quieter when driving on tiled and laminate flooring
  • Bright illumination
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Cool Hexagon design
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