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Best Camping Gadgets and Accessories

Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor adventurer, or you’re camping for the very first time, the best camping gadgets can make a big difference to your camping experience.

But with so many different options available, making the right choice for your circumstances can be a challenge. That’s why, here at Hexnub, we have endeavoured to help you out with our guide to the best camping gadgets and accessories available.

Best survival Kit

Preparation is essential when heading out on any camping trip. And this 32 in 1 survival kit by Verifygear is one of the best available options. This kit has plenty of supplies for the whole family, or a group of friends, including an extensive first aid supply and a must-have EDC emergency kit.

Made from water-resistant nylon, the kit is lightweight, waterproof, and perfect for all your wild adventures. It even provides all of the essential survival necessities, including a tactical flashlight, knife, and a multi-function para-cord bracelet.

The Lixada Emergency Survival Kit is another great option with 23 multi-purpose and first aid tools, including a compass, flashlight, emergency blanket, and a multi-function knife. Lightweight and waterproof, this survival kit could be great for any outdoor activity or camping trip.

Buy Emergency survival kit

Lixada Emergency Survival Kit

Best Camping Gadgets – Best Camping Flask

If you’re heading out into the great outdoors for a camping adventure, taking food and drink may be one of your top priorities. But how can you keep well-stocked while you’re climbing a mountain?

Well, the king size thermos flask  can be a great option. Made from unbreakable stainless steel, inside and out, you won’t need to worry about jostling the thermos while you climb, jog or cycle through rugged landscapes.

king size thermos flask

At the same time, the thermos will keep hot liquids hot, and cold liquids cold with the famous thermos vacuum insulation technology, designed for maximum temperature retention. This king size thermos can store up to 1.2 litres.

But what about foods? Well, the thermos food jar offers a fantastic solution. Designed to keep your hot food hot, and your cold food cold, the Thermos food jar uses effective insulating technology. But it’s not all about temperature. Made from food grade stainless steel, the thermos food jar can keep your food tasting fresh too. So for nutritious, delicious food while camping, look no further.

thermos food jar

Best Camping Battery

If you need power while camping, you’ll need to consider a good quality camping battery. The Jackery Portable Power Station is a great option, designed for providing portable power to all manner of outdoor electrical equipment and gadgets, including drones and laptops.

Jackery Portable Power Station

Using a 240 watt-hour (16.8Ah, 14.4V) lithium-ion battery pack, this camping battery requires no fuel. This means there are also no fumes and a lower noise level. It’s also more environmentally friendly too.

Solar charging is also a popular option that is even more eco-friendly, as this doesn’t require electricity. The GoerTek Solar charger is an ultra-high capacity, portable solar charger. With 3 USB ports for charging, you can harness the power of the sun to charge your devices.

GoerTek Solar charger

Alternatively, you could try the BioLite CampStove 2 which burns wood and provides USB charging. Turning fire into electricity, this stove generates 3 watts of usable electricity and stores it in its internal power bank for USB charging. This means you can use the USB port for charging, even when a fire is not currently lit!

BioLite CampStove 2

Best Camping Cooler

For long camping trip with friends and family, you’ll probably want to store more food and drink in a camping cooler. The Igloo Island Breeze cool box is one of the most popular options.

Igloo Island Breeze cool box

This is insulated with Ultratherm foam to keep your food cold, and optimizes cool riser technology to improve the cooling performance further. With helpful swing handles, and a spacious interior for food storage, it’s no wonder this is such a popular cool box.

The IGLOO BMX Hardside Cooler is another great option. This uses extra-thick foam walls and an insulated lid for an award-winning cooling performance. For long camping trips, this can be sure to keep your food and drink products colder for longer. This is also a heavy-duty product, designed to withstand all manner of wear and tear, without damage.

IGLOO BMX Hardside Cooler

If damage resistance and portability are important for your outdoor adventures, then you might prefer the YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler.

YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler

Designed to be vitally indestructible, this cooler is armored, and even the wheels are designed with a solid, single-piece tire construction that is resistant to impacts and punctures. This means you can travel over tough terrain without causing any damage to your cool box.

Best Coffee Maker

If mornings without coffee are a challenge, don’t leave your coffee at home. Instead, consider taking a coffee maker with you! The Aeropress Coffee maker is a lightweight and portable option that uses unique technology to brew the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Aeropress Coffee maker

This requires only your coffee, and water, to deliver a smooth, rich tasting coffee on the go. That’s why it’s loved by cyclists, explorers and adventurers. There's great ways to accessorize these too, find out more in our preivous article.

To keep your Aeropress coffee maker safe and well organised while camping, you should consider the Hexnub Case. This is designed to keep all of your coffee making accessories, and the components of your Aeropress, safe and protected, perfect for camping and outdoor adventures.

The Aeropress Go is another iteration of the Aeropress coffee maker and is designed specifically for brewing coffee while on the go. The compact and clever design of the Aeropress Go uses a protective cover, which doubles as a handy drinking mug for coffee while camping. The AeroPress Go makes 1 to 3 cups of coffee per brewing.

Aeropress Go

If you take an AeroPress coffee make with you on camping trips, you could also benefit from a suitable travel case. The AeroPress after all has a variety of accessories, and you also need your coffee, sugar, and stirrers etc.

Not sure about Aeropress?...our recent article on the Best Manual Coffee Makers, highlighting aeropress, chemex, hario, yama, and bodum, for those seeking an affordable and superior quality coffee maker. The article aims to guide you in selecting the one that best fits your needs.


Best Camping Stove

For cooking while camping, a stove can be incredibly beneficial. The Coleman Double Burner Fuel Stove is one of the best options on the market. This compact camping stove has two burners to speed up your cooking time ready for a full day of exploration or a full evening of relaxing.

Coleman Double Burner Fuel Stove

It also features wind blocking panels on the side, that are designed to help shield both of the burners from the wind or other weather conditions. These panels are adjustable for pans of various sizes. The Coleman stove is also designed to be compact, folding into a box for easy storage and portability. This makes cooking while camping much more straightforward.

The Camp Chef is another alternative option with powerful dual burners for outdoor cooking. This is designed to be robust and durable and also offers a windscreen on 3 sides to help make cooking easier in all weathers.

Camp Chef

Best Camping Solar Panel

For solar power and USB charging wherever you will be camping, the Jackery SolarSaga 100W is an effective solution. This solar panel offers high conversion efficiency for the perfect portable power, and can even work alongside the Jackery explorer power station, sold separately.

Jackery SolarSaga 100W

The Solar Saga offers two USB charging ports, for dual charging and power. And you won’t need to worry about your devices, as this solar charger offers surge protection, and short circuit protection too. Portable and durable, the SolarSaga was developed with camping and outdoor adventures in mind.


Alternatively, the Renogy 100 Watts Solar panel kit can be another great alternative for solar power while camping. This uses 100% of the available solar power for rapid and safe battery charging, with a high level of surge protection and short circuit protection too.

Renogy 100 Watts Solar panel kit

Best Camping Lantern

No camping supply pack would be complete without a lantern. Designed to illuminate the interior of any tent the Le Camping Lantern offers 1000 lumens for up to 12 hours!

Le Camping Lantern

This is powered by 3 D alkaline batteries, that are simple and easy to replace while camping too. with 3 different lighting modes, you’re sure to find the right lighting option for whatever you need, and the light is designed to be water-resistant, splash-proof from all angles. This makes it one of the best camping gadgets available for power.

Another option is the MPOWERD Luci Original: Solar Inflatable Light. This has a durable design and is fully solar-powered. In fact, after just 7 hours of sunlight, this lantern can stay lit for up to 24 hours!

MPOWERD Luci Original: Solar Inflatable Light

Rechargeable, durable, and waterproof, and with 4 lighting modes, this solar inflatable light is perfect for all kinds of outdoor adventure situations, as well as for use in emergencies.

Best Camping Gadgets – Best Camping Beds

Camping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Not with so many great camping beds available. One of the most popular is the TETON Sports Outfitter camping bed. This is strong and sturdy, and offers great support through the patented all steel S-leg design.

Rubber bushings are also used to absorb shock and add firm support. As a result, this camping bed provides a comfortable night sleep away from the cold, damp uneven floor. Available in different sizes, you could choose a camping bed larger than a twin mattress for additional space and comfort.

Alternatively, you might be tempted by a hammock. The Gold Armour Camping Parachute Hammock is a fantastic hammock option for any camping adventure. This offers support for up to 500lb, so two people could share, easily and safely.

Gold Armour Camping Parachute Hammock

Ultra-light weight and compact, this hammock is easily portable and uses a unique strap design with a breaking strength of 1000 lbs. This is twice as strong as most other hammocks available.

So what are the best camping gadgets and accessories?

Well, there are a whole host of the best camping gadgets that can have a positive impact on your camping experience. These can be divided into different categories, including:

If you’re planning any outdoor adventures this summer, make sure you’re prepared!

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