Best Chemex Accessories - Filters, lids, kettles, Stands Compared

The Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker is one of the most popular, practical, and stylish coffee makers available. So it’s no surprise that there is a range of the best Chemex accessories to accompany this.

Choosing the right accessory can make all the difference to the practicality of the Chemex coffee maker. From keeping your coffee warm to organizing your coffee maker, accessories offer functional advantages. And these can also improve the taste and flavor of your coffee too.

That’s why you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. But choosing the right accessories for your requirements can be a real challenge. Here at Hexnub, we’ve devoted our time to finding the best of the Chemex accessories, in a range of categories.

Best Chemex filter

The filter used with your Chemex coffee maker can have a big impact on the taste and flavor. So for a great coffee, every time, which filters should you consider?

One of the best coffee filters available, The Willow & Everett pour over coffee filter is designed to fit inside the Chemex 6, 8 & 10 cup carafe perfectly, for full, effective filtering. This is a reusable, stainless steel coffee filter that uses dual filtering technology to catch and trap any coffee grounds. At the same time, oils and nutrients can pass through to your cup, for a high-quality cup of Joe!

Willow & Everett pour over coffee filter

For something different, CoffeeSock Reusable Filters perfectly fit the Chemex carafe and can be a great choice. These filters are made from organic cotton instead of stainless steel or paper. And this means that they are also environmentally friendly too.

CoffeeSock Reusable Filters

Another alternative is the Barista Warrior filter. Your coffee will be imbued with flavor, in every cup, thanks to this copper coated stainless steel reusable coffee filter.

Barista Warrior Metal Filter for Chemex

Barista Warrior filter

For a flexible coffee filter that is eco-friendly, and delivers high-quality coffee every time, choose the Zulay flexible filter. This is an outstanding product. The stainless steel mesh design offers increased durability and provides high-quality filtering and a rich coffee taste.

Zulay flexible filter

Best accessory for keeping coffee warm

If you hate a cold cup of coffee, like us, here are some accessories that can keep your coffee warm.

To help retain the heat of your coffee, the Chemex glass lid has been specifically designed by Chemex. Accentuating the balance of functionality and design, this glass lid upholds the same quality as the Chemex coffee maker itself. Keeping your coffee at the right strength, by preventing evaporation, is another key advantage of this lid. This is a must-have accessory for every Chemex owner.

Chemex lid by Hexnub

Bamboo Lid

Another lid option for the Chemex include Hexnub's Bamboo Lid, full disclosure this is made an sold by us. Made from natural wood, the bamboo Lid is stylish, protective and practical. Alternatively, the Park Brew Lid is designed so that you can pour the coffee, with the lid still in place. This lid design prevents heat loss and adds style.

Park Brew Lid

Another accessory designed to help your Chemex retain heat is the stylish Hexnub Cozy. This is perfectly designed to hug the Chemex coffee maker, offering a high level of insulation. The durable insulating material can also help to prevent scratches and scrapes on the glass carafe too.


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Best Chemex Accessories – kettles

Smooth water flow is essential for making delicious drip coffee. And the right kettle can help you achieve this, with every cup.

Topping the list is the Barista Warrior Gooseneck Kettle. The spout, and the integrated temperature gauge, are both key design features of this kettle. The temperature gauge is a useful addition, as this allows you to brew your coffee at the optimal temperature (195-205°F). The gooseneck spout can help you to achieve consistent coffee extraction, by pouring the water in one smooth flow.

Barista Warrior Gooseneck Kettle

The Chemex handblown glass kettle is another fantastic option. Not only is this incredibly stylish, balancing practicality with design, but it is also very functional too. This kettle uses a silicone stopper to ensure that any steam escapes properly, limiting the heating of the glass neck.

If you’d rather choose an electric kettle, the Bonavita Kettle is one of the best options available. With a real-time temperature display and one-degree adjustable increments, you can be sure of the right brewing temperature. And this kettle also has the ability to heat and hold at the right temperature for up to 60 minutes! Ultimately, this kettle helps simplify the coffee-making process, for great tasting results.

Bonavita Kettle

Best handblown Chemex accessory

The handblown style is one of the key selling points for the Chemex coffee maker. If you’re looking for accessories to accentuate this, there are a couple of options to consider.

The best handblown accessory is by far the Chemex handblown mug. This serves 10oz of coffee, but it’s most distinctive feature is the style. The Chemex mug has an attractive hourglass shape, similar to the coffee maker itself, with a stylish crescent handle. The non-porous nature of the mug means that the flavor of your coffee will remain natural and rich. For delicious coffee with each and every sip.

Chemex handblown mug

Alternatively, the Chemex handblown Cream & Sugar set is another great option. With an elegant hourglass shape, the set is just a stylish as the mug, if not quite as essential. This is divided so that it splits perfectly into two pieces. The top part of the set is used for sugar, while the lower part holds creamer. The lower part also features a flared rim for precise pouring.

Chemex handblown Cream & Sugar

Either of these accessories are sure to look great in your kitchen, next to the Chemex coffee maker itself.

Best Organiser/stand

If you want to show off your Chemex coffee maker, and accessories, you should consider a stand or an organizer.

The Chemex wire grid is made from stainless steel. This is designed to act as a heat diffuser on your stovetop. The wire grid allows you to heat your Chemex coffee maker, or Chemex kettle, on electric stoves with exposed coils. The coffee maker can then stand on this wire grid, to help retain heat too.

Chemex wire grid

For displaying your Chemex coffee maker, and accessories, we think the Hexnub coffee stand, and organizer could be a perfect choice - although we're biased the reviews speak for themselves! Made from eco-friendly bamboo, the stand perfectly complements the Chemex itself. And this includes a high-quality silicone mat that can catch any drips or spills. This is a stylish and practical addition to the home of any Chemex lover.

Hexnub coffee stand, and organizer

So, what are the best Chemex Accessories?

After analyzing a range of accessories for the Chemex coffee maker, these are our top product selections:

  • The Willow & Everett filter is the best filter option for the Chemex coffee maker
  • For keeping your coffee warm, and preventing evaporation, Hexnub's bamboo Lid is a great choice
  • Best Warmer kit, the Hexnub Chemex Cozy kit is a great addition for keeping your coffee hot and fresh! includes cozy and lid.
  • The Barista Warrior gooseneck kettle is a great accompaniment to the Chemex coffee maker. This offers a smooth and precise water flow for the perfect cup of coffee.
  • The Chemex glass mug is the best handblown Chemex coffee maker accessory
  • To show off your Chemex coffee maker in style, Hexnub's Chemex Caddy looks great.

Which do you prefer? Are there any great Chemex accessories we might have missed? Let us know!

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