Exploring the World of Chemex Coffee: 32 Unique Recipes and Variations to Try Today

Exploring the World of Chemex Coffee: 32 Unique Recipes and Variations to Try Today

Are you tired of the same old cup of coffee? It's time to mix things up and explore the wonderful world of Chemex brewing! The Chemex is one of the oldest and most versatile coffee brewing devices that has stood the test of time. Its unique design and use of paper filters make for a clean and flavorful cup every time.

With its elegant design and versatile brewing capabilities, the Chemex is a coffee lover's dream come true. And lucky for you, we've compiled a list of unique and delicious Chemex recipes from around the world that are sure to satisfy your caffeine cravings. Whether you're in the mood for a rich and bold cup of coffee or a refreshing iced brew, we've got you covered. 

So grab your Chemex, and some fresh coffee beans, and let's dive into the wonderful world of Chemex brewing!

Pouring Chemex coffee in to cup

Table of Contents:

I.  Get Started
II. Recipes and Variations

  1. Joseph Hemphill (Echo Coffee)
  2. By the Wall Coffee Roasters (@thewallcoffeeroasters)
  3. Iced Chemex Coffee (@jsuriadihalim)
  4. Smile Tiger Chemex 
  5. By Boy Bean
  6. Zac Law
  7. Paul Ross (@paul_ross_)
  8. Ellis, UK
  9. Cowboy Chemex.
  10. Blonde Chemex
  11. Aaron Kok (Home Barista)
  12. Filtru
  13. HectorVector
  14. Barefoot Coffee
  15. Lenny (EB Cafe Hyde Park)
  16. Blue Bottle Chemex
  17. Strong Chemex
  18. By Doma Coffee (@domacoffee)
  19. Jiaan Rajabzadeh
  20. George Howell
  21. Onyx Coffee Club
  22. By Bake & be Well (@bakeandbewell)
  23. Single Fast Pour
  24. Strumptown Coffee
  25. Sinan Muslu (@coffeesomething)
  26. Courtney Lynn
  27. Scott Rao
  28. By Bean There Coffee
  29. Mark Ryan
  30. Some Guy Who Drinks Coffee
  31. Sonja & Alex
  32. Brian Gumm

III. Tips and Tricks for Brewing the Perfect Chemex Coffee
IV. Final Thoughts

What You Need to Get Started

So, you're ready to dive into the world of Chemex coffee? Great! The first step is to make sure you have all the necessary equipment and ingredients. Here's what you'll need:

  • A Chemex carafe: This is the glass vessel that you'll use to brew your coffee.
  1. Chemex Pour-Over Glass 6 Cup
  2. Chemex Pour-Over Glass 8-Cup
  3. Chemex Pour-Over Glass 10 Cup
  • Chemex filters: These are thick, high-quality paper filters that are specifically designed for Chemex brewing. They're essential for creating a clean, flavorful cup of coffee. 

    We recommend buying genuine Chemex filters:
 Chemex Classic Coffee Filters
Chemex Bonded Filter
Chemex Bonded filters


  • A kettle: You'll need a kettle to heat your water to the right temperature for brewing. A gooseneck kettle is ideal, as it allows you to control the flow of water more precisely. 

    We recommend these kettles:
 Coffee Gator Kettle Bodum Gooseneck kettle Hario Gooseneck Kettle
Coffee Gator Kettle  Bodum Gooseneck Kettle
  • Fresh, high-quality coffee beans: The quality of your beans will have a big impact on the taste of your coffee. Choose a variety that you enjoy and that's appropriate for Chemex brewing. Here's our Top 3 Coffee Beans.
  • A coffee grinder: For the best results, you'll want to grind your coffee beans just before brewing. A burr grinder is ideal, as it creates a consistent grind. More details below

Recipes and Variations

Here are some unique Chemex coffee recipes and variations to try out:

Recipe Name
Recommended Coffee
How to:
1. Joseph Hemphill (Echo Coffee)
    Medium/Light roast,
    Ethiopian/ Honduran
    • Coffee: 45g, 
    • Grind Size: 4, 
    • Water: 850g, 
    • Steep Time: 5m,
    • Bloom Time: 30s
    1. Soak filter
    2. Add coffee 
    3. Bloom with 85g water 
    4. Add 765g water in 3 equal pours
    5. Enjoy
    2. By the Wall Coffee Roasters (@thewallcoffeeroasters)coffee in a disposable cup with "the wall" brand printed on it
    Whole bean coffee
    • Coffee: 30g
    • Water: 280g
    • Grind: Medium (sea salt
      size grains)
    1. Heat water to a temperature of 405°F.
    2. Pour 50g of water onto the coffee bed, then pause and allow the coffee to off-gas (bloom) for 45 seconds.
    3. Add water in a circular motion, evenly distributing it to a total of 280g. Stir or swirl the coffee bed to ensure even extraction.
    4. Keep an eye on the water level and add more water up to a total of 350g just before it becomes even with the coffee bed.
    3. Iced Chemex Coffee (@jsuriadihalim)
    Johan Suriadihalim making iced coffee using chemex
      Any coffee
      • Coffee: 27g.
      • Water: 200g.
      • Ice: 200g.
      1.Warm the water to 95ºC.
      2. Add 200g of ice to your Chemex.
      3. Pour water over the coffee in a swirling motion using one continuous pour.
      4. Smile Tiger Chemex (@smiletigercoffee)
        Any coffee
        • Coffee: 32g
        • Water: 500g
        1. Heat water to 95ºC.
        2. Pour 60g water over grounds, stir gently.
        3. After 30 seconds, pour to 250g water. 4. At 1:15 minute, pour until 450g water. 5. At 2:00, pour the final 50g up to 500g.
        5. By Boy Bean
          Any coffee
          • Coffee: 45g
          • Water: 750g
          • Bloom Time: 0-45 secs
            = 90g water for the bloom
          1. From 45 seconds to 2 minutes and 5 seconds, pour an additional 260g of water into the coffee.
          2. From 2 minutes and 5 seconds to 2 minutes and 35 seconds, allow the coffee to draw down.
          3. From 2 minutes and 35 seconds to 3 minutes and 35 seconds, pour the remaining 350g of water into the coffee.
          4. From 3 minutes and 35 seconds to 5 minutes and 30 seconds, allow the coffee to draw down to the end.
          6. Zac Law
            Medium roasted Brazil
            • Coffee: 40g, 
            • Grind Size: Setting 5.5, 
            • Water: 600g, 
            • Steep Time: 4:00, 
            • Bloom Time: 45s
            1. Pour 60g of 195°F water in a swirling motion, and let bloom until 0:45. 
            2. Gently pour another 300g water and let drain partially. 
            3. Pour the remaining 240g water and let drain completely.
            7. Paul Ross (@paul_ross_)
            Paul Ross making coffee using chemex
              Any coffee
              • Coffee: 35g, 
              • Water: 550g, 
              • Bloom Time: 30s
              1. Heat water until boiling.
              2. Grind coffee to a medium or medium-coarse texture.
              3. Add 70g of near-boiling water for blooming.
              4. Mix the slurry and wait for 30 seconds.
              5. Pour in the remaining 430g of water and stir the slurry once more.
              8. Ellis, UK
                Ethiopian or Kenyans,
                medium to
                light-medium roast
                • Coffee: 50g,
                • Grind Size: 5, 
                • Water: 730g, 
                • Steep Time: 5min, 
                • Bloom Time: 40s
                1. Bloom with 140g water for 40s. 
                2. Pour water in overlapping circles until the 4-minute mark.
                9. Cowboy Chemex
                  Any coffee
                  • Coffee: 60g, 
                  • Water: 600g 
                  • eggshells
                  1. Use the coarsest grind. 
                  2. Heat water to 96°C. 
                  3. Mix eggshells from one egg with coffee grounds. 
                  4. Pour all the water in one go, or as far as possible, then pour the rest after 10 seconds. Use medium or light roast coffee.
                  10. Blonde Chemex
                    Any coffee
                    • Coffee: 40g 
                    • Water: 700g
                    1. Use fine grind light/blonde roast coffee.
                    2. Heat water to 92°C.
                    3. Rinse filter.
                    4. Pour 200g water, let sit for 30 seconds.
                    5. Pour 300g water as fast as possible without making a mess.
                    6. After 10 seconds, pour the rest of the water slowly in a circular motion. Enjoy.
                    11. Aaron Kok (Home Barista)
                      Light-medium roast,
                      • Coffee: 55g, 
                      • Grind Size: 4-5, 
                      • Water: 780g, 
                      • Steep Time: 5m, 
                      • Bloom Time: 30s
                      1. Rinse filter and Chemex.
                      2. Grind coffee to setting 4-5.
                      3. Bloom coffee with 80g water, stir to saturate, and wait 30s.
                      4. Pour to the brim, let it almost drawdown.
                      5. Pour to 750g final weight.
                      6. Swirl and pour into a flask.
                      12. Filtru
                      Filtru with Chemex
                        Acidic light roast
                        • Coffee: 25 g.
                        • Water: 340g.
                        1. Warm water to 94°C.
                        2. Achieve a medium coffee grind.
                        3. Initiate bloom using 50g of water.
                        4. Stir grounds for uniform wetting.
                        5. Pause for 30 seconds.
                        6. Add 130g more water.
                        7. Allow water to fully drain.
                        8. Carefully pour an additional 160g of water.
                        13. HectorVector
                          Light Roast; Pluma Hidalgo
                          Oaxaca, México.
                          • Coffee: 40g , 
                          • Grind Size: Setting 5, 
                          • Water: 666g, 
                          • Steep Time: 4:44 min, 
                          • Bloom Time: 30s
                          1. Rinse filter with 200g boiling water and discard.
                          2. Add ground coffee.
                          3. Pour 80g water (93°C) over the coffee, starting the clock.
                          4. Pour remaining water in concentric circles.
                          5. When desired water weight is reached, stir for 4s with a plastic spoon. 6. Let brew until 4:44, remove coffee and filter.
                          7. Stir coffee to integrate, serve, and enjoy.
                          14. Barefoot Coffee
                            Any coffee
                            • Coffee: 50g
                            • Water: 750 g.
                            • Temp: 204°F
                            • Pre-Infusion: 75g water for
                              30-50 seconds
                            1. Separate the 4 filter layers, place 3 layers on the spout side, insert the filter into the Chemex, rinse, and discard the water.
                            2. Add coffee, shake, and tap on the counter to settle grounds.
                            3. Perform a 30-50 second pre-infusion with 75g of water, saturating grounds evenly in circular motions.
                            4. Swirl the brewer during pre-infusion for even saturation.
                            5. Pour 675g water aggressively in circular motion, maintaining a level bed and avoiding edges.
                            6. Stir gently around the edges.
                            7. Admire extraction, let it drain completely, and admire again before serving.
                            15. Lenny (EB Cafe Hyde Park)
                              Ethiopian blend
                              • Coffee: 21g, 
                              • Grind Size: 5, 
                              • Water: 350g, 
                              • Steep Time: 30s
                              1. Prepare paper filter and rinse.
                              2. Grind coffee to setting 5.
                              3. Add coffee grounds and purge.
                              4. Add 350g water and steep for 30 seconds.
                              16. Blue Bottle Chemex
                                Any coffee
                                • Coffee: 50g.
                                • Water: 700g
                                1. Boil water in an electric kettle.
                                2. Weigh beans, wet filter in Chemex, and grind beans.
                                3. Pour 100g water for bloom, wait 1min.
                                4. Slowly pour water in a circular motion to 350g.
                                5. Allow coffee to drain before adding paulmore water.
                                6. Repeat until 750g.
                                7. Remove filter, swirl Chemex, pour and enjoy.
                                17. Strong Chemex
                                  Any coffee
                                  • Coffee: 35g. 
                                  • Water: 500g.
                                  1. Boil water.
                                  2. Grind coffee to medium/medium-coarse consistency. 3. Bloom with 70g water just off the boil.
                                  4. Stir slurry, wait for 30 seconds.
                                  5. Pour remaining 430g water and stir slurry again.
                                  18. By Doma Coffee (@domacoffee)
                                  doma coffee roast
                                    Any coffee
                                    • Coffee: 40g
                                    • Water: 640g
                                    • Grind: Medium course
                                    1. Heat 640 grams of water to 207F.
                                    2. Bloom coffee with 130g of water for 45 seconds.
                                    3. Add water up to 380g.
                                    4. Pour the remaining water weight at the 2-minute mark.
                                    5. End the brew at the 4-minute mark.
                                    6. Stir the coffee, serve, and enjoy!
                                    19. Jiaan Rajabzadeh
                                      Light roast, Kenya, Washed,
                                      Light roast, Guatemala, Washed
                                      • Coffee: 45g,
                                      • Grind Size: Coarse Salt, 
                                      • Water: 750g, 
                                      • Steep Time: 4:45, 
                                      • Bloom Time: 30s
                                      1. Use a white Chemex filter and rinse with hot water.
                                      2. Add coffee and shake to even the coffee bed.
                                      3. Pour 40g-75g water to bloom and wait for 30s.
                                      4. Pour the remaining water evenly, in circular motions, in 200g increments.
                                      5. Wait until 4:45 or until coffee flow slows to a drip, whichever comes last. 6. Swirl to mix and pour into a mug of choice. |
                                      20. George Howell
                                        Any coffee
                                        • Coffee: 25-28 g. (depends
                                          on desired strength)
                                        • Water: 390g.
                                        1. Heat water to 95ºC.
                                        2. Quickly pour 120g water within 20 seconds.
                                        3. At 1:00 mark, pour an additional 260g water in 20 seconds.
                                        4. At 2:00 mark, pour another 130g water, reaching a total of 390g.
                                        5. Water should fully drain between 3:30 and 4:00.
                                        21. Onyx Coffee Lab
                                        Chemex used by Onyx Coffee Lab
                                          Any coffee
                                          • Coffee: 55g.
                                          • Water: 900g. 
                                          • Grind: 27/40
                                          • Temp: Off boil. 205°F(96°C)
                                          • Pre-Infusion: 110g water for
                                            45 seconds
                                          1. Open filter to have 3 sides over the spout, rinse with hot water.
                                          2. Perform a 45-second pre-infusion with 110g water, pouring in concentric circles.
                                          3. Stir during pre-infusion to ensure water seeps into every corner of the bed.
                                          4. At 0:45, pour 200g water, starting in the center and pouring heavily until reaching 300g.
                                          5. At 1:30, pour 200g water directly in the center to reach a total of 500g.
                                          6. At 2:30, pour 200g water directly in the center to reach a total of 700g.
                                          7. At 3:30, pour 200g water spiralling outwards then in the center to reach a total of 900g.
                                          8. Allow 2-3 minutes drain time, with a total brew time of 6-7 minutes.
                                          *Pouring Timeline: At 0:45, pour until 300g; at 1:30, pour until 500g; at 2:30, pour until 700g; and at 3:30, pour until 900g.
                                          22. By Bake & be Well (@bakeandbewell)
                                          Iced Decaf Coffee by Bake & Be Well
                                            Decaf El Grano Suave
                                            • Coffee: 6 tbsp
                                            • Water: 2 cups
                                            1. Put 6 tablespoons of decaf coffee in a Chemex and brew with 2 cups of boiling water.
                                            2. Transfer the brewed coffee into a mug.
                                            3. Mix 2 teaspoons of coconut sugar into the hot coffee.
                                            4. Stir in 1/2 cup of Oat Barista Blend (@‌califiafarms).
                                            5. Gradually add ice cubes until the coffee is cooled to your liking.
                                            6. Optionally, insert a straw for sipping.
                                            7. Enjoy your refreshing beverage!
                                            23. Single Fast Pour
                                              Any coffee
                                              • Coffee: 30g.
                                              • Water: 340g.
                                              1. Warm the water to a temperature of 95º C.
                                              2. Grind the coffee to a medium-coarse consistency.
                                              3. Add sufficient water to saturate the coffee and mix.
                                              4. Pause for 30-45 seconds.
                                              5. Rapidly pour the remaining water, completing the pour within approximately 1 minute.
                                              24. Strumptown Coffee
                                              chemex coffee made by Strumptown
                                                Any coffee
                                                • Coffee: 42g.
                                                • Water: 700g.
                                                • Grind: 27/40
                                                • Temp: Off boil. 205°F(96°C)
                                                • Pre-Infusion: 150g water
                                                  for 45 seconds
                                                1. Insert the Chemex filter, rinse it, and create an even seal, folding an inch towards the spout for reinforcement.
                                                2. Add 150g of water for a 45-second pre-infusion and stir to saturate the coffee evenly.
                                                3. At 0:45, start the second pour, using a heavy flow and wiggling motion to agitate the grounds, followed by a gentle spiraling motion to reach all the dark spots, and increase the brew weight to 450g.
                                                4. Start the third pour at 1:45, raising the slurry to the top with circular motions, knocking down any grinds stuck to the sides, and increase the total brew weight to 700g.
                                                5. Let the coffee drain until 4:00, and if necessary, remove the Chemex to let it finish draining in the sink.
                                                25. Sinan Muslu (@coffeesomething)
                                                Sinan Maslu making coffee using Chemex

                                                  Light roast Ethiopian

                                                  • Coffee: 21.5g, 
                                                  • Grind Size: 5-5.5, 
                                                  • Water: 300g, 
                                                  • Steep Time: 4m, 
                                                  • Bloom Time: 40s

                                                  1. Bloom coffee with 40g water for 40s. 2. Pour water up to 150g total.
                                                  3. Wait until 1:20, pour up to 300g total. 4. Adjust filter if needed.
                                                  5. Modify grind setting if needed.

                                                  26. Courtney Lynn

                                                    Light-mid roast

                                                    • Coffee: 36g, 
                                                    • Grind Size: Table Salt, 
                                                    • Water: 600g, 
                                                    • Steep Time: 4m, 
                                                    • Bloom Time: 30-45s

                                                    1. Bloom with 70-90g water,
                                                    2. Wait 30-45s,
                                                    3. Pour water in circular motion,
                                                    4. Steep & drain,
                                                    5. Enjoy

                                                    27. Scott Rao

                                                      Any coffee

                                                      • Coffee: 32g.
                                                      • Water: 500g.
                                                      • Grind: 26/40
                                                      • Temp: Off boil. 205°F(96°C)
                                                      • Pre-Infusion: 60g water for
                                                        30 seconds

                                                      1. Rinse the filter and insert it into the dripper with the 3-ply against the spout and 1-ply against the spout-less side.
                                                      2. Pour 60g of water in a circular motion to begin a 30-second pre-infusion, wetting all the grounds.
                                                      3. Stir the grounds, ensuring they are fully saturated, and excavate the cone.
                                                      4. After pre-infusion, pour 110g of water in concentric circles, grazing the filter, and return to the center.
                                                      5. Stir the slurry, excavating grounds from the tip of the cone.
                                                      6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the third, fourth, and fifth pour/stir.
                                                      7. After the final stir, let the slurry drain, with a total brew time of about 3:30-4:00


                                                      28. By Bean There Coffee


                                                      chemex coffee being poured in a cup



                                                        Any coffee

                                                        • Coffee: 30g
                                                        • Water: 300ml (hot)
                                                        • Ice: 200ml/200g

                                                        1. Place the ice at the base of the carafe using a Chemex (or whichever pour-over method you prefer)
                                                        2. Add the filter paper and coffee to the upper portion in the customary manner.
                                                        3. Proceed with the brewing process as usual by pouring hot water over the grounds.

                                                        29. Mark Ryan

                                                          Ethiopian Yirgacheffe,
                                                          Lightly i.e. properly roasted

                                                          • Coffee: 50g, 
                                                          • Grind Size: 5.5, 
                                                          • Water: 800g, 
                                                          • Steep Time: 4:00min, 
                                                          • Bloom Time: 30s

                                                          1. Rinse filter, pre-warm Chemex and cup.
                                                          2. Pour ground coffee into Chemex, make coffee bed flat.
                                                          3. Bloom with 50g water for 30s.
                                                          4. Pour 150g water in a circular motion. 5. Swirl Chemex gently.
                                                          6. Finish pouring water.
                                                          7. Wait for drawdown, remove filter, swirl Chemex, pour and enjoy.

                                                          30. Some Guy Who Drinks Coffee

                                                            Single origin

                                                            • Coffee: 42g, 
                                                            • Grind Size: 5-6, 
                                                            • Water: 700g, 
                                                            • Steep Time: 4m, 
                                                            • Bloom Time: First 45s

                                                            1. Rinse filter, 
                                                            2. Add coffee,
                                                            3. 150g bloom & stir,
                                                            4. Add 300g water,
                                                            5. Add remaining water,
                                                            6. Finish at 4m

                                                            31. Sonja & Alex

                                                            Chemex Coffee

                                                              Light or medium roast 

                                                              • Coffee: 34g.
                                                              • Water: 520g filtered water

                                                              1. Heat filtered water to 200-205F using an electric kettle or teapot on the stove; let the water cool for a few minutes if boiled in a teapot.

                                                              2. Weigh out 34g of coffee on a food scale and grind it using an electric burr grinder to achieve a consistent medium-coarse consistency, similar to the size of kosher or sea salt.

                                                              3. When the water is heated, place the filter in your Chemex. Pour in just a bit of water to wet the filter, then pour out the water into the sink. Place the ground coffee into the Chemex and shake it to level it out.

                                                              4. Tare the food scale to 0, add 70g of water in a circular motion, wait for a minute to bloom, and tap the scale if needed.

                                                              5. Add the remaining water in two batches, pouring slowly in concentric circles onto the coffee without touching the filter, fill to about ½ inch from the top, wait for the water level to go down, and fill the remaining water up to 520g.

                                                              6. Wait for a few minutes, and then remove the filter and discard it (composting is recommended).

                                                              32. Brian Gumm

                                                                Light to Light-Medium roast,
                                                                Single Origins

                                                                • Coffee: 30g, 
                                                                • Grind Size: 5, 
                                                                • Water: 480g, 
                                                                • Steep Time: 4:30min, 
                                                                • Bloom Time: 30s

                                                                1. Add 30g water for bloom, wait 30s.
                                                                2. Add 30-50g more water, stir.
                                                                3. Add subsequent pours of 30-50g at 10-15s intervals until 480g.
                                                                4. Drip-through should end between 4:00 & 4:30.

                                                                If you want to learn more recipes and how to become better at brewing at home we recommend the following books:

                                                                How to Make the Best Coffee at Home
                                                                A Manual: Brewing a Better Cup at Home Barista tips * recipes * beans from around the world
                                                                How to Make the Best Coffee at Home by James Hoffman Craft Coffee: A Manual: by Jessica Easto The Coffee Book: by Anette Moldvaer

                                                                Tips and Tricks for Brewing the Perfect Chemex Coffee

                                                                While the Chemex is a relatively simple coffee brewing method, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you achieve the perfect cup of coffee every time. Here are some of our top tips:

                                                                1. Use freshly roasted beans: Freshness is key when it comes to coffee, and the Chemex is no exception. Try to use beans that have been roasted within the last two weeks for the best flavor.

                                                                2. Grind your beans correctly: The right grind size is crucial for a good Chemex brew. Too fine of a grind can result in bitter, over-extracted coffee, while too coarse of a grind can lead to weak, under-extracted coffee. Aim for a medium-coarse grind for the best results.

                                                                3. Pre-wet the filter: Before adding your coffee, pre-wet the filter with hot water to remove any paper taste and to help the filter stick to the Chemex.

                                                                4. Bloom the grounds: Adding a small amount of hot water to the coffee grounds and letting it sit for 30-45 seconds before adding the rest of the water can help release the coffee's flavors and aromas. 

                                                                5. Use the right water temperature: The ideal water temperature for a Chemex brew is between 195-205°F (90-96°C). Using water that is too hot or too cold can result in an unbalanced brew.

                                                                6. Experiment with pour techniques: The way you pour your water into the Chemex can have a big impact on the final flavor of your coffee. Try pouring in a circular motion, in a zig-zag pattern, or in pulses to see which technique works best for you. To get good control over your pour we recommend a gooseneck kettle

                                                                  Making a coffee with Chemex and gooseneck kettle

                                                                Final Thoughts

                                                                In conclusion, the Chemex is a versatile and effective coffee brewing method that allows for a range of unique and delicious recipes. From the classic recipe to more creative variations, there's a Chemex coffee recipe for everyone to enjoy.

                                                                By experimenting with different coffee beans, grind sizes, and water temperatures, you can create a brew that perfectly suits your taste preferences. And don't forget to take your time with each step, from pre-wetting the filter to blooming the grounds, to ensure the best possible cup of coffee.

                                                                Whether you're a coffee aficionado or a casual coffee drinker, the Chemex is a great tool to have in your arsenal. So next time you're looking for a new way to enjoy your morning cup of joe, give one of these unique Chemex coffee recipes a try and discover a new favorite!

                                                                If you're looking to elevate your Chemex brewing experience even further, consider checking out the accessories available at www.hexnub.com. Many of our products are sustainably sourced and handmade, making them a great choice for environmentally-conscious coffee lovers.

                                                                From coffee stands to custom-made Chemex cozies, there's something for everyone. With the right accessories, you can further enhance your Chemex brewing and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in style.

                                                                For more in-depth tips and tricks on how to use a Chemex coffee maker like a pro, be sure to check out our 10 Tips to using Chemex Like a Pro. With these expert tips, you can elevate your Chemex brewing game and take your coffee experience to the next level. Happy brewing!



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